About Hevtec

Hevtec is an engineering design company specialized in electric and hybrid system integration. We thrive on creating clean solutions that meet the high standards of tomorrow. We believe that any machine can be enhanced to stand out in terms of performance as well as energy-efficiency.

As a company, we combine extensive expertise in electric and hybrid integration with a fresh eye for system design. We have a hunger for creating disruptive solutions that upgrade mobile electric machinery and vehicles to the fore of competition.

Our story

Hevtec was founded in 2017 to fill in a void in the market. Components for electric drivetrains are widely available but integrating them together is usually left on the shoulders of the customer. We combine growth-driven spirit with over 10 years of experience in the field of mobile electric machinery and vehicles. We take pride in providing customer-oriented service with fast response time, juiced up by profound knowledge and know-how in electric and hybrid systems.

We have extensive experience in developing power electronics, drivetrains and machine products to the electric and hybrid vehicle markets. During our careers, we have used a wide variety of components, which today works to the benefit of our customers. Free from ties to any specific brand, we are truly capable of finding the best solution for your needs.